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for some reason my sister-in-law thinks it would be a good idea for me to write about all the things i have started and not finished. clearly she is dellusional because if i do that then i will develop such a strong sense of shame and self loathing that i will have to go start digging a hole and then hide in it when it is just big enough that i fit (not actually finished being dug) and then who will parent my kids to sleep all night! i might be able to give you an idea of a few things i have started lately and not finished. just a smattering, not the whole shebang, just so you can see that this is a pattern in my life. but please, do not tell my husband, i am pretty sure he hasn't noticed yet and if he does then he might not like me as much anymore or be nearly as patient with me and my dallying.

when i was pregnant with the bean i got really into knitting and i bought a ton of yarn and different needles and i made like two scarfs. then i started a third one and i never finished it. a few years later i was packing up the house so we could move and i found a bag of yarns i bought in college and a hat i started and never finished. i guess the knitting thing is a repeating pattern for me.

while we are on crafts, when the bean was about 9 months old and i was falling hardcore for babywearing i decided to use a pattern online to make my own mei tai. i got the fabric, printed out the pattern, cut it all and sewed two straps. i think the fabric and pattern got packed in the box with my yarn and needles for the move.

but then when i was due with the chickpea i found this tutorial online for making your own dryer balls with yarn scraps. perfect, i have lots of yarn! so i followed the instructions to the point where they were ready to be felted, i didn't have the knee high it called for so i tried a sock but it didn't work. the balls didn't felt. i could have gotten a knee high and tried again but instead i must have just decided i should start digging my hole.

i love starting the laundry. it really feels like i am going to get things done. but don't be surprised when you come over and there are three baskets full of clean, unfolded, getting wrinkled beyond recognition laundry in the playroom where i leave them so i can try to blame it on the kids. like it is their job (at 2.5 and 6 mos) to fold it.

ok, here is the kicker. i have started and not finished my masters degree. it was going really well at first and i went to school pretty much full time for two years so i only had one year left and i would have a great degree - but i had my first baby instead. i thought i was going to go back but then i didn't want to. i wanted to stay home. so i did some research and found a way i could down grade my goals and get a somewhat less impressive masters degree and only need to take two more classes instead of eight. fantastic. i have taken one of those classes in the last two and half years. so, yes, i have started a very expensive and time intensive masters program and i haven't finished it. oh, there is paperwork i needed to complete to keep records of my internship which i did two and half years ago and i have not finished that either. so there is no record. so i might just have to say poop on a rock again.

the thing about moving houses is that it has given me a lot of boxes to start unpacking. of course, i don't finish, so my husband has taken to shoving them - partially unpacked - into my closet. luckily i haven't found most of my clothes so there is a lot of room for half filled boxes in my closet.


you know what the great thing is? i didn't have time to finish this post yesterday. in honor of all things left unfinished i am posting it as it, unedited and unfinished. perhaps i can return to it another day.

note: the photo was taken several years ago for an advertisement i was going to place in a horse show book but i never finished making it...

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  1. You're great, woo woo mama! I needed a giggle this morning! :)