15. day of birth

i have been thinking lately that maybe i complain too much. maybe i focus too much on how hard things are having two kids and trying to get it all right. really, if you asked me what i wanted to have on the day i turned 31 i would have basically described the life i have now. not a lot of people are blessed enough to say that. i want a husband who i love, i want two kids, and i want to take care of them everyday. plus i have a beautiful house, and my health, and a great relationship with my parents, and some good friends, and a super great cat. so, for now at least, i want to just try to feel lucky and not tired. may everyone in the world wake up one day and realize that life is full of blessings.

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  1. Love the photo!! What cute kids you have. And I'm glad you're having a happy day. Happy Birthday!