32. wishing

chickpea napping in pfau

i am on my ball bouncing and the pea is asleep in our black cherry dyed violet and white pfau. (this wrap is insanely beautiful thanks to the dye job by jenn over at piece of cloth. and jenn totally rocks, she is sweet as pie and amazing to work with...but i digress as a wrap addict will now and again.) i need to get a good pic of this wrap but for the moment i think i'll pick up my camera and try to shoot a quickie of us. ok, i think that one will do for today. 

so much for not digressing.

while i am on here just bouncing my life away and also looking at other people's gorgeous blogs and doing a lot of wishing the bean is being a saint. a saint i tell you. he is playing quietly with his toys and occasionally asking me in his best whisper voice if i will help him go pick out another car or plane to play with. he has amassed quite a pile here in the living room but i could care less because, as i said, he is being a saint.

so saintly in fact, that i looked over there a few minutes ago and my eyes actually filled up with tears. tears of longing. longing for the ability to be the most perfect mama ever for him. which some part of my brain thinks i was before i had the pea and thinks i now fail at. and he is so amazing, and special, and precious. i wish i had not asked him to be quiet because the pea was rejecting the nap in crib plan. i wished i was laying on the floor driving his cars with him. i can't believe how amazing he can be. so, i had to cry a little bit. for the bean mama union that used to be. it was something special. and it is over. that is hard sometimes.

now because this is getting a little too upsetting for me for today i think i will list off my wishes for my blog that have been accumulating as i look around the web.

i want a logo.
i want a site not powered by blogger (sorry blogger - no fault of yours).
i want my pics to upload and look good not like crap because i have a nice camera and it stinks to upload my pics and have them look like i never got my nice camera.
i want my own domain name.
i want to make banners.
i might want a tag line.
i want a place that helps me to take my writing more seriously.
oh, and i don't want to lose any of my content i have already amassed.

ok universe? there is my wish list. can you make it happen?


  1. If you do switch, go Wordpress. They have a free dot.com version, but it won't meet some of your requirements. You want your own domain which requires hosting. I can't point you to the best value for hosting--I think mine is great, but more than is necessary (and therefore more expensive). I only use it b/c my husband had it for a short little business venture before me, and when that didn't pan out and I wanted a blog, we just switched domains and I'm too lazy to look around for something cheaper.

    ANYWAY. Wordpress makes blogging awesome. And you can import all your posts from blogger and won't lose a thing. There is a ton of great built-in functionality and on top of that, there are so many plugins you can do virtually anything you want with your blog. And thousands of themes to choose from.

    As for making banners and logos, I use the free Paint.net software and it works great for my (minimal) purposes and total non-talent.

    Why do your photos not upload well if you have a nice camera? Is it blogger? My photos only don't look good because I have a crappy camera and wouldn't know what to do with a good one anyway.

    It seems most bloggers use Flickr for uploading photos to the web, and again, WP makes it easy to embed photos from Flickr into posts.

    Anyway, sorry to monologue on your blog!

  2. kate, please come monologue on my blog anytime! i love feeling less alone. i have been talking with a more tech savvy friend about switching over to wordpress and i think that is the direction i will go in. but, don't you sometimes just feel so lost in the tech aspect of this world and want to wave your magic wand and have all your blog wishes come true?

    thank you so much for your very thoughtful comments! also, i checked out your blog and it is fantastic. :)

  3. I paid for my own .com page and did the whole WordPress blog thing for the first year after DS was born. While it was nice to have the freedom to be completely in control of my own page, it was a bit overwhelming at times. It required a good bit of time investment at the beginning to get everything installed and set up. I used to design web pages and do computer programming, and even I had trouble with a few things. I got my own hosting and web address using some company that offered all that for only $5 for the first year. When it came time to renew, they wanted like $50/year, and I found that I was not updating the blog as much as I used to because it was too much of a hassle. So we opted for the more simpler blogger.com account. Now the hard part is just finding time at the computer to type with free hands.

  4. Yes, it can be so intimidating, I know. I knew very next to nothing when I first switched and I was really overwhelmed. But I've made slow and steady progress over the last couple of years, to the point of being able to design my own theme. I never planned on getting anywhere near that far, but it turns out I was amazingly picky about how I wanted my blog, and the thousands of themes out there to choose from just didn't suit me! I learned through tweaking. (And now I wish I'd just sat through some of the many free tutorials. I would have wasted a lot less time!)

    Anyway, I know there are hosting plans that will set everything up for you. Actually, I think the people at WP even offer to install it for free for you too. Not quite as good as a magic wand, but getting there.

    Good luck!